Two generations meeting around the same passion,
convictions and values, animated by the same willingness
to push their boundaries further.

Børge Ousland

Born 31st of May 1962 in Oslo, Norway.

Børge Ousland worked several years as a deep-sea diver in the North Sea, before he devoted his life to full time exploring. Børge has kept pushing the limits of human endurance ever further, often alone, and is regarded as one of the leading polar explorers of our time.

These are among Børges main expeditions:

2022. Unsupported crossing of Devon Icecap, Nunavut-Canada, with Vincent Colliard (IceLegacy project), August.
2019. Unsupported crossing of the North Pole with Mike Horn in the darkness of winter, from Nome in Alaska to Tromsø, August – December.
2019. Crossed Penny and Barnes icecaps on Baffin Island with Vincent Colliard (IceLegacy project). March-April.
2017. Crossed the Chugach Icefield in Alaska with Vincent Colliard. (IceLegacy project). From Columbia Glacier to Markus Baker Glacier. August. First unsupported crossing.
2016. Crossing the St Elias ice field in Alaska with Vincent Colliard. (IceLegacy project). Largest icefield in the US. From Novatak Glacier to Miles Glacier, April – May.
2015. Crossing Stikine icefield in Alaska, (IceLegacy project) with Vincent Colliard. From North Sawyer to Great Glacier and Stikine River, May. First unsupported crossing.
2014. Crossing the Spitsbergen ice field on Svalbard with Vincent Colliard (IceLegacy project). From Verlegenhuken to Von Post breen, August.
2013. October – November. Crossing Southern Patagonia ice field, (IceLegacy project) with Vincent Colliard, and teammates. From Jorge Mont in Chile to Paso Marconi, October-November.2013. Crossing South Georgia with Thomas Ulrich and teammates. Shackleton Route from King Haakon Bay to Stromness, March.
2012. Starting the IceLegacy project with Vincent Colliard. Crossing Nordaustlandet ice field on Svalbard, with teammates, August. First human powered crossing.
2010. Crossing Vatnajøkulen on Iceland with Erling Kagge and Haraldur Ørn Olafsson.
2010. Sailed through the northeast and northwest passages, with Thorleif Thorleifsson, Vincent Colliard and Stanislav Kostyashin. June – October. First circumnavigate of the North Pole in one season.
2009. Crossing the Northern Patagonia ice field, with Bengt Rotmo and Thorleif Nøkleby. From Laguna San Rafael to Fjord Steffen, November.
2007. Expedition in Fridtjof Nansens footsteps, with Thomas Ulrich. From the North Pole, to Frans Josef land, across the Barents Sea and to Oslo, May – September.
2006. Winter expedition to the North Pole, with Mike Horn. From Cape Arctichesky in Russia, January – March. First unsupported North Pole trip during the months of winter
2003. Crossing the Southern Patagonia ice field in Chile, with Thomas Ulrich. From Tortel to Puerto Natales, August – October. First unsupported crossing.
2003. Everest, South summit, March – May.
2002. Southern Patagonia icefield reconnaissance trip, Chile, with Thomas Ulrich. November.
2001. Solo crossing of the Arctic Ocean. From Cape Arktichesky in Russian, via the North Pole, to Ward Hunt Island in Canada. March – May (supported). First solo across both poles.
1999. Climbed ChoOyo in Tibet, August-September.
1999. Climbed Huano Potosi in Bolivia, March.
1996-97. Solo and unsupported across Antarctica. From the ocean side of Berkner Island, via the South pole, to Mc Murdo, November -January. With skisail. First solo and unsupported of Antarctica.
1995. Solo to the South Pole. From the ocean side of Berkner Island. Nov – Desember. First to ski solo and unsupported to both poles.
1994. Solo to the North Pole. From Cape Arktichesky in Russia, March – April. First solo and unsupported ski trip to the North Pole.
1993. Skied through Frans Josef Land with Agnar Berg. From Jackson Island to Alexandra Island, April.
1990. Skied to the North Pole with Geir Randby and Erling Kagge. From Ellesmere Island in Canada, March – May. First unsupported ski trip to the North Pole
1986. Skied across Greenland with Agnar berg and Jan Morten Ertsaas. From Johan Pettersen Fjord on the east coast to Umanak on the west coast, March – May.

Vincent Colliard

With a penchant for exploration, French adventurer Vincent Colliard is one of the most accomplished polar explorers of our generation whose numbered expeditions include the current crossing of the 20 largest icecaps on earth. He represents a new breed of athlete willing to bridge adventure and science, and inspire environmental give-back on a global scale. Icelegacy is Vincent’s current main project. For him, the environmental changes should be at the pinnacle of our preoccupations.

These are among Børges main expeditions:

2022 – August, Canadian Arctic. Icelegacy Project. Unsupported ski expedition across the Devon icecap together with Børge Ousland.
2022 – April. Bylot island, Canadian Arctic. Expedition “Paradice Moon”. Honeymoon with Caroline Coté-Colliard, complete circumnavigation skiing around Bylot Island, unsupported. 475km, 18 days. 26km/day on average.
2021 – February/April. Svalbard. First unsupported winter crossing of Spitsbergen together with Caroline Côté. The duo started and ended the journey in Longyearbyen, which meant reaching the starting point in the North without motorized support and pre-organized depots, and coming back all the way from the South to Longyearbyen skiing. It was also the first expedition to do so, unsupported.
1123km, 63 days.
2020 – November. Northern Norway. Kayaking along the Norwegian coast together with Caroline Côté, from Manshausen island in the county of Steigen to Tromsø. 340km, 11 days.
2019 – April, May. Canada, Baffin Island. Icelegacy Project. 2 unsupported ski expeditions across Barnes and Penny icecap together with Børge Ousland. Barnes crossing, from Conn Lake to Generator Lake; 120 km, 6 days. Penny crossing, from Narpaing Valley to Pangnirtung; 190km, 9 days.
2019 – January, February. Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula. Guiding. Unsupported ski expedition in the footsteps of Wally Herbert on the Antarctic Peninsula. Entrance Breguet glacier and exit Portal Point; 216km, 25 days. Extra: sailing across the Drake Passage.
2018 – June to September. Arctic Ocean. Attempt unsupported sailing expedition to cross the entire Arctic Ocean via the North Pole, from Alaska to Svalbard together with Sébastien Roubinet and Eric André. From Prudhoe Bay to 79’35 North and back to Banks Island, Canada; 83 days, 2000km. Shackleton Award.
2018 – April. Svalbard, Main Spitsbergen. Guiding. Unsupported ski expedition to mount Newton, highest peak of Svalbard, together with 3 customers. From Von Postbreen to Newton Summit and back in Gipsdalen; 160km, 11 days.
2017 – April, May. Alaska, Chugach Mountains. Icelegacy Project. Unsupported ski mountaineering expedition crossing the icecap located in the middle of the Chugach mountains together with Børge Ousland; 220km, 23 days. Extra: summiting Marcus Baker, SW face.
2017 – April. Arctic Ocean, North Pole. Guiding (assistant). Unsupported ski expedition “Last Degree” to the North Pole with Thomas Ulrich and 7 customers; 110 km, 6 days.
2016 – April, May. Alaska, Wrangell St-Elias. Icelegacy Project. 2nd unsupported ski expedition crossing the largest ice cap (outside the polar regions) of Wrangell St Elias together with Børge Ousland; 430 km, 19 days including 3 days ski-sailing. Extra: 2 additional days of adventure to join civilization on skis and canoes on the Copper River.
2015 – May. Alaska, Stikine. Icelegacy Project. First unsupported ski expedition North-South of the Stikine icecap together with Børge Ousland; 200km, 16 days.
2015 – February. Norway. Guiding. Unsupported ski expedition crossing in winter of part of the Hardangervidda plateau in southern Norway with 2 customers. From Haukeliseter fjellstue to Dyranut; 80km, 5 days.
2014 – August. Svalbard, Main Spitsbergen. Icelegacy Project. Unsupported ski expedition crossing Main Spitsbergen icecap together with Børge Ousland. From Buldrebreen to Von Postbreen glacier in Templefjord; 180km, 8 days.
2013 – November. Argentina, Chile. Guiding (assistant). Unsupported ski expedition crossing partially the Southern Patagonia icecap together with Børge Ousland. From Chilean Jorge Montt glacier to Argentinian Paso Marconi; 130km, 17 days. Extra: skied 14 days with a fractured toe.
2013 – August. Svalbard, Nordaustlandet. Guiding (assistant). Unsupported ski expedition crossing Nordaustlandet glacial island East-West together with Børge Ousland and 7 customers. 210km, 10 days.
2013 – May, June. Atlantic Ocean. Crew member sailing across the Atlantic Ocean together with Philippe d’Elbee aboard RM 1350 “Cruising Bird”. From Martinique, Caribbean, to La Rochelle, France; 3640nm, 30 days.
2012 – August. Svalbard, Nordaustlandet. Icelegacy Project. First unsupported ski expedition East-West crossing of the glacial island of Nordaustlandet together with Børge Ousland. From Kapp Laura to Kalkstranda; 210km, 10 days.
2011 – November, December. Atlantic Ocean. Crew member sailing across the Atlantic Ocean crossing with friends aboard Dufour 44 “La Licorne”. From São Vicente, Cabo Verde, to Bahia De Salvador, Brazil; 2040nm, 17 days.
2011 – May, June. Atlantic Ocean. Crew member sailing across the Atlantic Ocean together with Eric Brossier aboard “Vagabond”. From Brest, France to Nuuk, Greenland; 2105nm, 28 days.
2010 – June, September, October. Arctic Ocean. Crew member sailing around the North Pole in one single summer season aboard ‘’Northern Passage’’ together with Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleiffsson. Stage 1, from Oslo to Kirkenes; 1400nm, 20 days. Stage 2, from Point Barrow, Alaska, to Oslo, Norway, via the Northwest Passage, Baffin Bay, Davis Strait, Cape Farewell and the North Atlantic; 4900nm, 42 days
2008/2009 – September, October. Nepal, Himalaya. Mountaineering. Two attempts to open a new route in alpine style on a virgin summit of 6670m together with climber Stéphane Schaffter.
2008 – June to September. Alaska, Kodiak Island. Deck hand on fishing vessels “Mythos” (longlining) and “Norma Kay” (seine fishing).
2006 – July, August. Argentina, Chile, Tierra Del Fuego. Cycling, trekking, kayaking and skiing in solo with assistance around Tierra del Fuego; 1000km, 2 months.